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Louis Mandylor (Gerald Andrews) comes to this independent film by way of MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING in which he played the lead character’s brother. The role of Gerald marks his departure from tough guy roles, and shows his acting diversity. He plays Gerald with great respect and walks the fine line of creating an enduring character from which we can find humor without crossing over to a mockery of the mentally challenged. In Gerald’s journey to accept his mother’s death, take care of himself and find love, Louis guides us with an endearing and passionate character.
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Mackenzie Firgens (Helen) plays the girl next door with the same ease and confidence that has garnered her accolades for her role in RENT. With her natural delivery, she takes the character from having boy troubles to recognizing that the best man for her may be the one she has known most of her life. The movie GERALD marks Mackenzie’s third film with director Marc Clebanoff.
Cast Photo Luca Palanca (Lemtat’s Son), born and raised in Brooklyn New York, starred as the original Tony in the off-Broadway play "Tony and Tina's Wedding" in his early 20’s. He has done stand-up comedy on a regular basis in clubs around the country including "The World Famous Comedy Store", The Improv and The Laugh Factory. Luca wrote the short film called CHOOSE LIFE, which won "Audience Choice" at Sundance Film Festival. He also worked with Val Kilmer, Bruno Kirby and Gabriel Byrne on the movie "Played". In a shift away from his comedic side, Luca plays the antagonist with a sense of quiet danger; the character one loves to hate.
Cast Photo Beau Puckett (Dolly) took on the challenging transformation into a transvestite, without crossing the stereotype mockery line, but instead making him truly lovable and honest. His character epitomizes the tag line "It’s what’s inside that counts", which allows the audience to focus on Dolly’s dedication and loyalty to his friends instead of seeing a man dressed as a woman. This is Beau’s first major film role, and we see many more in his future.
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Tara Karsian (Ethel) plays the lush who happens to know more about relationships than her several failed marriages imply. Tara has been acting in film and television since 1990 including such shows as MALCOM IN THE MIDDLE, WITHOUT A TRACE, and ER. Her confidence makes Ethel truly a joy to watch on screen.
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Wylie Small (Kate) plays the straight and narrow friend of Mother. She has been acting in television and film since 1994 on such shows as MURPHY BROWN, BABYLON 5, ALLEY MCBEAL, and 24.
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Deborah Theaker (Samantha Andrews – "Mother") brings a talent to this film that has endured through films such as WAITING FOR GUFFMAN, BEST IN SHOW, A MIGHTY WIND and FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION. As Samantha Andrews, Gerald’s Mother, she demonstrates the unending bond between a mother and son that perpetuates long after her untimely death; helping Gerald mature, which, in turn, affects an unexpected change in the relationship between him and his friend Helen.
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Mickey Rooney (Doctor) plays the catalyst in this film with his surprising dropping of baby Gerald during birth, impacting him for life. As an actor, Mickey needs no introduction since he starred in the HARDY BOYS films back in the 1940s, and has never stopped acting. It was a joy to have such a screen legend on set to play the Doctor."
Cast Photo Tim Gallagher (The Lawyer / Buster) is an award wining stage actor and short film writer/producer who is proud to have written, produced and edited the family friendly feature GERALD. Tim plays two totally different characters in GERALD, the lawyer who helps Gerald realize he doesn’t have to give up the doll that holds his mother’s ashes, and Buster, one of Dolly’s flamboyant friends who helps during the break in scenes. imdb
In order of appearance

Mother: Deborah Theaker

Nurse 2: Mary Wickliffe

Nurse 1: Jan Rooney

The Doctor: Mickey Rooney

Baby Gerald: Luca James Palanca

Gerald: Louis Mandylor

Helen: Mackenzie Firgens

Newscaster: Damien Alamed

Edward Lemtat: Lee Agnew

Lemtat's Assistant:
Regina Mocey

Lemtat's Son: Luca Palanca

Ethel: Tara Karsian

Dolly: Beau Puckett

Kate: Wylie Small

Funeral Home Director:
Whit Hertford

Helen's Boyfriend / Alejandro: Michael Rene Walton

Laundry Owner: Yu-Chien Liao

Laundry Mother:
Nattie Rios-Sipes

Laundry Girl: Kiara Gonzales

Laundry Fiona: Carin Chea

Police Officer: Mark D. Espinoza

Bowler Girl 1:
Lindsey Smith-Sands

Bowler Girl 1's boyfriend:
John Gordon

Bowling Emporium Owner:
Robert Noble

Bowler Frankie: Frank Krueger

Bowler Girl 2: Alexis Scott

Bowler Betty: Brooke Lewis

Bowler Rick: Zander Villayne

Nurse 3: April Gallagher

Waiting Room Mother:
Kara Wilbar

Waiting Room Little Girl:
Adelaide Gault

Waiting Room Receptionist:
Jeni Austin

Lemtat Receptionist:
Monica Cabral

The Lawyer / Buster:
Tim Gallagher

Security Guard: Jeff Quinlan

Bowler: Sonny Sison


Director: Marc Clebanoff

Assistant Director: Kara Wilbar

Writer: Tim Gallagher

Director of Photography:
Dave Selle

Camera Operator: Eric Lombart

Steadi-cam Operator: Ari Robbins

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Zachery Boomsma
Joseph Webb

Production Sound Mixer:
Tom Corkran

Art Director / Props: Alex Cassun

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Nancy McCrumb
Jessica Lamb

CREW cont.

Wardrobe: Elizabeth Jett

Assistant Wardrobe:
Jeni Austin
Jude McVay

Make-up & Hair: Ashley Benatar

Assistant Make-up & Hair:
Sarah Dorsey
Katie Tyler

Script Supervisor: Ann Doria

Still Photographer:
Paul Mocey-Hanton

Production Assistants:
Michael Walton
Rebecca Giggey

Craft Services:
April Gallagher
Tim Gallagher

Editor / Visual Effects:
Tim Gallagher

Post Production: Mediaologie

Ran Ballard
Ben Starkey

Sound Editor / Sound FX:
Ran Ballard
Tim Gallagher
Jon Geasley

Original Music: Ran Ballard


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